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ISIS Advise Against Terrorists Travelling To Europe

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Terror group ISIS have advised it’s fighters to “stay away from the land of the epidemic” in it’s newsletter Al-Naba.

They expanded further telling it’s followers to “The healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it,”.

It included practical advice on avoiding contracting Coronavirus “cover the mouth when yawning and sneezing” and “wash the hands before dipping them into vessels.”

While the terrorist group has now lost it’s caliphate as the war on terror progresses, apparently causing mayhem, paranoia and infighting it would seem that the Covid-19 virus is up there on their expanding list of problems and fears. An unexpected benefit of a nasty epidemic.

Police Arrest 5 Men In Manchester Terror Raids

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Counter terrorism offices carried out raids on properties throughout the Greater Manchester area including Longsight, Levenshulme, Bolton and Stalybridge.

Five men have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism, one of the men is an un-named Muslim preacher who teaches the Koran at a number of mosques in the Manchester area.

One of the five men arrested was picked up in a raid at a Heathrow airport.

Police have said the raids were a low key affair, armed police weren’t involved and they have stressed that there was no immediate threat to the public.

The men were arrested as part of an investigation into terror camps in Afghanistan, it is believed that the men were looking to hatch a terrorist plot overseas rather than in the UK.

North-West Counter Terrorism officers raided the three addresses at around 4am, with around 40 plain clothes officers involved in the raids and searching of the property.

The raids took place in a mobile phone shop and flat on Stockport Road, Levenshulme. There were no arrests made at this address.

A 52 year old man was arrested at a house on Victoria Terrace, Longsight and a 21 year old at Bowdon Avenue in Fallowfield.

One man, 27, was arrested in Stalybridge, Rydal Walk. The Muslim preacher, 62,  was arrested at his home on Willows Lane, Deane, Bolton.

Lastly a 26 year old man was caught in raids at a Heathrow Airport hotel.

For more information see;

Five Men From Manchester Are Suspected Terror Recruiters

We will bring you further details as they become available.

Suspected Terrorists Arrested In Australia

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Australian police have executed 19 search warrants in Melbourne, Australia.

During one of the largest anti-terror raids in the countries history, searches of property is still going on, but police have confirmed that they have arrested 4 men.

It’s taken a multi-agency group 7 months to get to the stage of conducting the raids, where around 400 hundred officers searched and continue to search houses.

Those arrested are believed to be between the ages of 22 and 26 and Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese decent but Australian residents. The men are said to work in the construction or taxi driving industries. One of the suspects has been named as Nayes El Sayad, 25, he has appeared in court and is held in custody to appear again October 26th.

The men are accused of plotting to carry out suicide attacks on various Australian military establishments, police identified Holsworthy Barracks in Western Sydney as one of the facilities the terrorists had been conducting reconnaissance on, but said that they had taken an interest in many more.

Police say that those arrested have planned to use automatic weapons to kill as many military personnel at Australian bases, knowing that they will either eventually be killed or turn the weapons on themselves – this suicide mission was to be carried out with guns rather than bombs a police spokesman claimed.

The men are said to have links to the Somalia terror movement Al-Shabaab, a young group which has only been in existence since 2007 and also has ties to al-Queda. Two of the men have been fighting with the group a few years ago.

A newspaper The Australian, broke the story in the early hours of the morning. A leak is thought to have come from someone within the very large multi-agency operation. A high ranking police official said that the leak and publication could have put his men at more risk. It’s also been said that police had to negotiate with the paper to hold the story back.

Police say that the group were seeking a fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling that would approve their plans for an Australian attack

More arrests have not been ruled out for later today.

We should also consider that Australia has just finished taking part in the FEMA run US NLE 09 operation, just three days before these terror raids. Could the timing have anything to do with this?

We will keep any eye on what’s going on and bring you updates.

Police search a car in Melbourne pre-dawn raids