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Hundreds Descend On Wootton Bassett As Hoaxer Claims Islam4UK On Their Way

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A number of people descended on to the town of Wootton Bassett as message boards on the Internet had information that Anjem Choudary and his Islam4UK group were on their way to stage a protest.

Members of the EDL, English Defence League, travelled across the country to be there to meet anyone that would show up in support of the Islam4UK march. Police patrolled the streets to maintain order as the estimated 200 members gathered around the town’s war memorial waving St Georges flags and chanting “Muslim bombers off our streets”.

The EDL protesters moved through the various town pubs as the Muslim march failed to materialise.

A spokesman for the Islam4UK organisation denied that they had planned to attend the march on Sunday, 11th January 2010, adding that the “rumours are not true.”

One woman who is a member of the English Defence League’s ‘Angels Division’ for woman, said;

”We heard last night that Choudary would be coming to Wootton Bassett today to march through the town.

”People said he would come here by the war memorial and start shouting about the war.

”He is claiming benefits off the state and thinks he has the right to come here and call our heroes murderers. It’s a disgrace.

”We don’t have a problem with Muslims, just with extremists. He’s got no right to be in this country.”

It is believed that the hoax may have been made by extremist Muslim groups to stir up the actions of the right wing groups opposed to the march. In doing so it makes the EDL and others who rushed to Wootton Bassett seem more extreme, a clever tactic by the people who made up the claim.

Islam4UK has since said that it has abandoned its plans to march in the sensitive area of the country, claiming that the media attention they have received has made a march unnecessary.

We are sure that this will not be the last we hear from Islam4UK and its hate filled cleric Mr Choudary and we will bring you any developments.

EDL in Wootton Bassett

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