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US And British Embassies In Yemen Remain Closed

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For the second day the US and British Embassies in Sana, the Yemen capital, remain closed.

The closure is said to be due to a continuing threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist organisation linked to the attempted bombing of a US flight in Detroit on Christmas Day.

Warnings of imminent attacks had been picked up three weeks ago by American military and intelligence personnel. Information led them to believe that 4 suicide bombers had travelled to the Sana area to make an attack against Western targets, most likely US and British Embassies. Officials have said that tactical military strikes have since thwarted those attacks.

The joint US and Yemeni military strikes are said to have killed three of the would-be suicide bombers and the fourth was captured alive by Yemeni special operations forces, with his suicide vest still intact.

Over the weekend the Transportation Security Administration issued new regulations, passengers from 14 nations are to be subjected to “full-body pat-down and physical inspection of property” before they are able to board any aircraft destined for the United States. Those countries include Pakistan, Nigeria and Yemen, and the four nations still listed as state sponsors of terrorism: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

President Obama’s counterterrorism Chief, John O. Brennan said “Al Qaeda has several hundred members, in fact, in Yemen, and they’ve grown in strength,”.

It is still unclear when the Embassies will re-open.

Andy Hayman, Anti-Terrorism Cop – The Interview – listen now

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Andy Hayman - The InterviewAndy Hayman joined the police force as a Police Constable as soon as he left school back in 1978.  Serving with the Essex Police force Hayman was quickly raising through the ranks, later moving to the Metropolitan Police in London.

He was later promoted to the position of Chief Constable of Norfolk before returning to the Met in 1995 to take up the post of assistant commissioner of Special Operations based at head quarters, New Scotland Yard. Andy was in overall charge of the Counter-Terrorism command and Special-Branch and was the UK’s national counter-terrorism co-ordinator.

Hayman was the UK’s top anti-terrorism cop and before his recent retirement he worked on a number of high profile terrorism cases including the London bombings of 7th July, failed bombings of the 21st July, shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and even the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Along with Margaret Gilmore, Andy has written a book “The Terrorist Hunters: The Ultimate Inside Story Of Britain’s Fight Against Terror”. A book that covers the investigations, stresses and politics of maintaining security of a country at the very highest level. This is certainly a book worth buying for anyone with an interest in security, terrorism or police matters – click here for details.

On Saturday 22nd November 2009, Andy Hayman took park in the BBC World Service show The Interview. To discuss the time when he was informed that there was a plot to bring down seven aircraft flying from the UK to the US, sparking the biggest terror investigation of all time, round the clock surveillance ending with the conviction of three British men earlier this year, saving the lives of many in what could have been an attack on the scale of or bigger than 9/11.

On The Interview Andy Hayman gives Carrie Gracie his inside view of how the terrorist threat is bring handled and where the dangers lie today.

Click here to listen to The Interview with Andy Hayman.

The Terrorist Hunters: The Ultimate Inside Story Of Britain’s Fight Against Terror

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The Terrorist Hunters by Andy HaymanBy Andy Hayman with Margaret Gilmore

Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman, CBE, QPM, was in overall command of the UK’s national counter-terrorism offensive, at the centre of every major terrorist investigation – overt and covert – of the past five years.

He handled the Metropolitan Police’s response to 7/7 and dealt with the politically explosive murder of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko.

Based at New Scotland Yard, in charge of thousands of Special Branch and counter-terrorism officers in the UK and across the globe, deciding strategy, working directly with the Prime Minister with a budget of GBP500 million, Hayman is able to give unprecedented insight into key top-level crisis meetings he attended with intelligence chiefs and political leaders worldwide.

In an inspirational and at times heart-breaking account, he describes how he led a dedicated team of men and women, committed to protecting the UK from dangerous enemies. Hayman lived through the pain and soul-searching when terrorists did succeed – and the pride when intelligence officers prevented attacks.

Andy Hayman leaves no holds barred in his analysis of the way law enforcers tackle terrorism. He outlines his radical blueprint for the future to protect the public, in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games and beyond.

If you thought you knew the stories behind the news, you’ll realise you didn’t until you read this book.

Five days after The Terrorist Hunters was released it was banned by the High Court at the request of the Attorney General for England and Wales. All copies were withdrawn from sale. It is now republished and available in its full original text.

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Terrorism Exercise In Yeovil, Somerset

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Around 60 businesses in the Somerset town of Yeovil in the United Kingdom have been involved in counter terrorism drills as part of a training exercise being run by the emergency services and Somerset district council.

The event was named Project Argus and looks at local businesses being in the midst of a simulated terrorist attack, an interactive table top exercise run by counter terrorism security advisers.

The Project was developed by experts from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and is based on the experience of individuals and organisations who have been caught up in real-life terrorist incidents.

Businesses in the Yeovil area attended two events run in conjunction with South Somerset District Council and Yeovil Town Centre Partnership, including expert advice from Avon and Somerset Police and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue services. The events looked at several aspects of dealing with major terrorist attacks and allowed businesses to get an understanding of the roles played by various agencies as an incident unfolded.

The police Beat Manager for Yeovil town centre, PC Amanda Cross, said “There is no specific threat of a terrorist attack in Yeovil, but it is important we remain vigilant and review the actions we would take in the event of a major incident.

“These events give people a chance to think about whether they are prepared for a major incident and will hopefully allow us all to improve the plans we have put in place, “I would like to thank everyone who took part as it was a productive day.”

Anti-Terrorism Dragons Den

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The British Government is introducing it’s own version of the hit BBC TV show, Dragons Den. Inventors will be asked to pitch their inventions and ideas, but you won’t be seeing any one trying to get funding for the usual Dragons Den type items.

Ministers want inventors and scientist to come up with inventions that can be used in the attempt to beat al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations.

Millions of pounds could be available to fund the right inventions, allowing scientist to become real life “Q” from the James Bond movies.

Ideas have already gone into production, including a maritime stinger style gun to stop terrorist speedboats. Police will be able to use the device to fire a rocket-propelled net in the path of the boat which will disable the terrorists propellor bringing it to a stop. (see video at bottom)

Scientists have also developed a hefty barrier which will be used to protect public buildings from suicide bombers in trucks and cars. The steel and concrete wall is able to stop a 7.5-tonne truck driving at 40mph or a car at 90mph.

This is all part of a three-year Home Office run scheme, part of the Science and Technology Counter-Terrorism Strategy that was published on Friday.

Security Minister, Lord West, said “The UK currently faces a real and serious threat from terrorism and we need to utilise our position as a world leader in science and technology to counter this.

“We need to match products and ideas to problems, which is why we are actively inviting people to join us and share expertise.

“The UK is a leading innovator in the design and provision of defence and security solutions. British technology can have greater practical applications across the world and is just one more tool in our fight against those who would wish to do us harm.”

View video demonstration of Maritime Stinger device

Kuwait Foils Attack On US Military Base

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Kuwaiti officials have said that they have arrested six members of a “terrorist cell” who were planning an attack against a US Military base located in Kuwait. The group is said to have a link to al-Qaeda.

The target was Camp Arifjan, a large purpose built facility which houses elements of the US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard and US Army National Guard. Personnel from the United Kingdom, Australia, Romania and Poland also use the base to deploy from.

An interior ministry statement said that all six terrorists had confessed to the crimes after they were arrested. The statement also said that the six planned to also bomb the HQ of Kuwait’s internal security agency, mentioning other “important facilities” in the Kuwaiti kingdom. However it gave no more specific details.

Al-Arabiya a television station based in Dubai, said that the group was planning the attack for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, starting around the 20th August.

Camp Arifjan was built at a cost of about $200m (£120m) and houses 15,000 US soldiers. The base is a heavily protected forward logistics base and repair depot. Most equipment passes through the base as do many of the US soldiers heading out and returning from Iraq.

To give you an idea of the vastness of the base it currently houses, Pizza Hut, Charley’s, Hardee’s, 2 Subways, Burger King, Pizza Inn, Taco Bell, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Hawaiian Ice, Panda Oriental, Nathans Hot Dogs, Green Beans Coffee, Hole N One Doughnuts, 2 Starbucks, and 3 Military dining facilities. 

As more details unfold we will update you.

Thousands of tanks, trucks and other equipment in Camp Arifjan.

Is Noordin Mohammed Top, Dead?

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SEE THE UPDATED STORY HERE – Police Say Noordin Top Likely Escaped Death

Indonesian police have possibly killed the countries most wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top.

The countries counter-terrorism squad, Special Detachment 88 also known as Delta 88 and Densus 88, took part in a 12 hour siege and shootout in Temanggung a village in Central Java on the 8th August 2009.

Reports quickly came in from Indonesian TV saying that Noordin Mohammed Top had been killed in the bathroom of his hide-out, as a result of the armed action. The police were unable to confirm these reports.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian President, thanked the police for their “brilliant job” in raiding the suspected hideout of the wanted terrorist.

Reporters on the scene say that they believe that a minimum of 3 people were killed in the house, 2 body bags were removed and a further body was seen lying outside the house. When asked if Noordin was in the house national police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said “God willing”.

Top is suspected to be behind many attacks that have killed hundreds of people and injured many more since at least 2002.

These include;

  • 2002 Bali Bombing – killing 202 – injuring 209
  • 2003 Marriott Bombing, Jakarta, Indonesia – killing 12 – injuring 150
  • 2004 Australian Embassy Bombing, Jakarta, Indonesia – killing 9 – injuring 150+
  • 2005 Bali Bombings – killing 23 – injuring 129
  • 2009 Jakarta Hotel Attacks – killing 9 – injuring 53

It is believed that DNA has been taken from what may turn out to be the body of Noordin Mohammed Top, will be tested against any that may be on file or that of a family member to confirm a match.

The FBI has had Noordin in their sights for a long time, and has reported him as an officer, recruiter, bombmaker, and trainer for the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) group. Also nicknamed the “Moneyman”, he’s long since been wanted by Malaysian and Indonesian authorities and in 2006 he became listed on the FBI’s third major “wanted” list, the FBI Seeking Information – War on Terrorism List.

We are currently reading conflicting information about the possible death, this includes reports that he may have been captured alive and is being interrogated by counter-terrorism police and that he escaped just before the attack and was actually shot with a camera rather than a gun.

While it should only be a matter of time before we find out what’s happened to Mr Top, this will have struck a massive blow to his terrorism network, hopefully this will be enough to disrupt their campaign.

Noordin Mohammed Top

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SEE THE UPDATED STORY HERE – Police Say Noordin Top Likely Escaped Death

We will bring you further details as they develop.

Suspected Terrorists Arrested In Australia

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Australian police have executed 19 search warrants in Melbourne, Australia.

During one of the largest anti-terror raids in the countries history, searches of property is still going on, but police have confirmed that they have arrested 4 men.

It’s taken a multi-agency group 7 months to get to the stage of conducting the raids, where around 400 hundred officers searched and continue to search houses.

Those arrested are believed to be between the ages of 22 and 26 and Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese decent but Australian residents. The men are said to work in the construction or taxi driving industries. One of the suspects has been named as Nayes El Sayad, 25, he has appeared in court and is held in custody to appear again October 26th.

The men are accused of plotting to carry out suicide attacks on various Australian military establishments, police identified Holsworthy Barracks in Western Sydney as one of the facilities the terrorists had been conducting reconnaissance on, but said that they had taken an interest in many more.

Police say that those arrested have planned to use automatic weapons to kill as many military personnel at Australian bases, knowing that they will either eventually be killed or turn the weapons on themselves – this suicide mission was to be carried out with guns rather than bombs a police spokesman claimed.

The men are said to have links to the Somalia terror movement Al-Shabaab, a young group which has only been in existence since 2007 and also has ties to al-Queda. Two of the men have been fighting with the group a few years ago.

A newspaper The Australian, broke the story in the early hours of the morning. A leak is thought to have come from someone within the very large multi-agency operation. A high ranking police official said that the leak and publication could have put his men at more risk. It’s also been said that police had to negotiate with the paper to hold the story back.

Police say that the group were seeking a fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling that would approve their plans for an Australian attack

More arrests have not been ruled out for later today.

We should also consider that Australia has just finished taking part in the FEMA run US NLE 09 operation, just three days before these terror raids. Could the timing have anything to do with this?

We will keep any eye on what’s going on and bring you updates.

Police search a car in Melbourne pre-dawn raids

NLE 09 Finished? All Our Evidence In One Place

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Over the last few days FEMA, the Government and a number of foreign countries have been carrying out very hush hush terrorism readiness drills.

The worlds media has chosen or been forced not to cover these exercises and we are still in the dark as to what’s been going on.

SecurityScene have been digging up reports from all over the country of various NLE 09 related activities.

We still want to hear from you, do you have any stories, anything we’ve missed or you think we need to know? Post us a comment and we’ll look in to it.

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Did MI5 Hire Al-Qaeda Sympathisers?

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Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP and Chairman of parliament’s counter-terrorism subcommittee, has claimed that MI5, one of the UK’s branches of Security Service, may have mistakenly recruited up to six al-Qaeda sympathisers in the wake of the 2005 London bombings.

After the London bombings the security services of the UK actively looked to hire Muslim recruits as it was thought that they could be useful to the war on terror.

Mercer claims that during this time six Muslim recruits were thrown out of MI5 at different stages of the recruiting process. Reasons for this include concerns that two had attended terrorist training camps in Pakistan. Others we’re removed when they had suspicious gaps in their traceable work history.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper Mercer commented on MI5’s decision to actively seek to hire Muslims after the bombings, “At this point it was an unseemly rush of which our enemies, not surprisingly, took advantage,”

Two of the men allegedly received several weeks training the other four were identified and removed from the program before they entered training. Mr Mercer has written to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson calling for an investigation.

The Home Office has said that MI5 takes vetting “very seriously indeed” and all candidates had to undergo “the most comprehensive process of security vetting in the UK”.

A spokesman added “Applicants go through extensive vetting and it is not unusual for a number to drop out or fail at the earliest stages for a variety of reasons.”