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Suicide Bombers Video Released

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A suicide bomber who killed ten at a US base in Afghanistan said he was carrying out the attack in retaliation for the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the Pakistani Taliban leader who was killed by an unmanned US drone.

The video was released by Al Jazeera on 9th January 2010. It shows the suicide bomber, Hammam Khalil al-Balawi, 32, as he describes that his attack would target US and Jordanian intelligence agents.

Al-Balawi was a Jordanian doctor and a ‘double agent’ who was still loyal to Islamic extremists, he had been recruited by Jordanian intelligence agents and the CIA, being used by both to inform on al-Qaeda and Mujahideen activities.

“This is a message to the enemies of the Umma [nation], to the Jordanian intelligence and the CIA” al-Balawi said on in the video.

“We say that we will never forget the blood of our Emir Baitullah Mehsud, God’s mercy on him.

“To retaliate for his death in the United States and outside the United States will remain an obligation on all emigrants who were harboured by Baitullah Mehsud.”

Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, was killed by a US drone which fired a missile at his house; he was blamed for many suicide bombings and other attacks in the country.

Al-Balawi is said to have been brought over the Pakistani border to the base in eastern Afghanistan, Forward Operating Base Chapman near the city of Khost, after he told the CIA he had information for them, details on the whereabouts of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the al-Qaeda second in command.

Details earlier came to light that in September 2009, Hammam Khalil al-Balawi had made a posting on a website run by al-Qaeda. He wrote “If [a Muslim] dies in the cause of Allah, he will grant his words glory that will be permanent marks on the path to guide to jihad, with permission from Allah.

“If love of jihad enters a man’s heart, it will not leave him even if he wants to do so. Indeed, what he sees of luxurious palaces will remind him of positions of the martyrs in the higher heaven.”

He had managed to allay the agencies fears over this statement by telling officers that his postings saying he wanted to be a martyr were all part of his cover.

The suicide bomber is said to have detonated explosives that he had attached to his body while he was standing just outside of the heavily fortified base. Ten people including the bomber were killed in the explosion, this included seven people employed or affiliated with the CIA, including the chief of the base.

Some of those killed were approaching the bomber to perform a search of his person and were standing around 50 feet from the blast site.

The attack was one of the worst against the US intelligence community and certainly the biggest loss of life to CIA staff in more than 25 years.

The Base Chapman attacks and the video just released show that a threat from the inside is a real problem; it also shows strong links between the Pakistani Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Times newspaper had reported that the bombing has also heightened tensions between the US and Pakistan, because it showed that they had not acted strongly enough in stopping the Haqqani network. The Haqqani network run by Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son, Sirajuddin Haqqani, were part of the targets of the drone attack that al-Balawi said he was acting in retaliation of.

Members of the Haqqani Network have cooperated with Pakistani Taliban, a former commander of the group said, “At times they send suicide attackers to our area, and we give them shelter and find targets for them”. The network has carried out many attacks in the area of the CIA base.

It is thought that the suicide bomber al-Balawi was working within the Haqqani Network and that they instructed him to proceed with the bombing.

Planned March At Wootton Bassett

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A group with ties to a banned Islamic group is planning a march on Wootton Bassett.

Wootton Bassett has become famous for the processions of repatriated service men and women who have tragically lost their lives whilst on active service in Afghanistan.

The leader of the group Islam4UK, Anjem Choudary, has released details of their intention to bring Muslims to protest , it would seem from their “current affairs” release that they would like to bring attention to the “genocide” being committed by all soldiers in Muslim countries and injustice of British soldiers bring “paraded as war heroes”.  The group also want to bring attention to the media their desire to convert England to an Islamic state under the Sharia law.

Most of the nation is in up-roar over the proposed march, Wootton Bassett has become a route where the public can pay their respect and honour the dead who have given their lives for this country.

The Wilshire town of Wootton Bassett has seen a number of Muslims protests, with offensive and inflammatory placards being waved while soldier’s bodies are being returned home. These Muslims have been led by Choudary and his Islam4UK website, as well as the militant and banned group they represent Al-Muhajiroun.

While the group says they are against the murder of innocent Muslims, they seem to show a great deal of respect and admiration for terrorists, suicide bombers and al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, people who have no problem targeting civilians.

It is unlikely that this march will be authorised by the authorities and Choudary has also admitted that the location has been chosen in order to bring the up-roar and maximum media profile. He brings up democracy and asks why he can’t hold his protest where he likes?

We understand that lots of people will have lots of thoughts about this march and we welcome your comments.

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US And British Embassies In Yemen Remain Closed

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For the second day the US and British Embassies in Sana, the Yemen capital, remain closed.

The closure is said to be due to a continuing threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist organisation linked to the attempted bombing of a US flight in Detroit on Christmas Day.

Warnings of imminent attacks had been picked up three weeks ago by American military and intelligence personnel. Information led them to believe that 4 suicide bombers had travelled to the Sana area to make an attack against Western targets, most likely US and British Embassies. Officials have said that tactical military strikes have since thwarted those attacks.

The joint US and Yemeni military strikes are said to have killed three of the would-be suicide bombers and the fourth was captured alive by Yemeni special operations forces, with his suicide vest still intact.

Over the weekend the Transportation Security Administration issued new regulations, passengers from 14 nations are to be subjected to “full-body pat-down and physical inspection of property” before they are able to board any aircraft destined for the United States. Those countries include Pakistan, Nigeria and Yemen, and the four nations still listed as state sponsors of terrorism: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

President Obama’s counterterrorism Chief, John O. Brennan said “Al Qaeda has several hundred members, in fact, in Yemen, and they’ve grown in strength,”.

It is still unclear when the Embassies will re-open.

UK & US Embassies In Yemen Closed Over Terrorist Threat

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Anti-Terrorism Unit In YemenThe US embassy has been closed over ongoing threats from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The embassy in Sana, Yemen has issued a statement “The US embassy in Sana’a is closed… in response to ongoing threats by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to attack American interests in Yemen,”.  Yemeni staff at the embassy have been told to stay at home.

United States and British officials have said that they are going to be working closely with the Yemeni Government to help expand military and intelligence co-operation between the countries, in the hope to increase pressure on al Qaeda in the region.

The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has also announced that he has called for a summit of World leaders in London to discuss the problems in the Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, suffering from Civil War and Muslim radicals.

Downing Street has also committed, alongside the US, to funding a counter-terrorism police unit in Yemen to help a government and police force that is currently overstretched and unable to successfully combat terrorism.

Terrorist problems within Yemen have been known to security services for some time. The Christmas Day attempted bombing of a US flight from Amsterdam, arranged by al-Qaeda bosses in the Yemen area and carried out by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, 23, highlights the need for further commitment and action from the UK and the United States.


Shortly after the United States confrimed that it had closed it’s embassy in Yemen over terrorist threats, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office has also said that it’s embassy in the capital Sanaa has also been closed “for security reasons”.

Last week a group in the region, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, urging Muslims to help in “killing every crusader who works at their embassies or other places”.

It has not been made clear when either of the countries embassies in the lawless country of Yemen will re-open.
Yemen and terror events

Cartoonist ‘Attacker’ Appears In Danish Court

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The suspect accused of trying to attack Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has appeared in court today, 2nd January 2010, charged with attempted manslaughter of the man who drew a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb.

The 28 year old Somali man was taken into court on a stretcher after having been shot in the knee last night while he attacked a police man who was called to the disturbance.

He denied the charges of trying to kill Mr Westergaard and a police officer at the scene of the attack.

Danish Police have confirmed that the man who has links to Somalia’s al-Shabab, a group labelled as terrorists by many countries, had managed to enter the artists house, armed with a knife and axe, he had also shouted that he wanted to kill Westergaard.

After contacting the police the 74 year old retreated to his safe room along with his 5 year old granddaughter where he waited for officers to arrive.

The judge has imposed an injunction on revealing the man’s name and has remanded him in custody for 4 weeks, half this time to be spent in isolation.

Police have confirmed that the man was shot in the knee and shoulder while officers were attempting to arrest him. The head of PET, Danish Intelligence Service, Jakob Scharf said that the attack was “terror related”.

He also said that the suspect had been under surveillance for various activities, unrelated to Mr Westergaard.

The cartoon that caused uproar in the Muslim world was printed in a Danish newspaper, Jyllands Post, the paper issued an apology for the drawing, however, other European media channels printed it again. This caused Dutch embassies to be attacked and dozens of people were killed in riots around the world.

Islamic militants have places a $1m price on the head of Mr Westergard.

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Obama Publicly Links Airline Bomber With al-Qaeda

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United States President Barack Obama has today for the first time publically linked the 23 year old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, with the International terrorist network al-Qaeda.

During his weekly radio and internet address to the people, he said that, the would-be suicide bomber was trained and equipped for his failed mission by an al-Qaeda affiliate while in Yemen.

“The investigation into the Christmas Day incident continues, and we’re learning more about the suspect.

“We know that he travelled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgencies.

“It appears that he joined an affiliate of al-Qaeda, and that this group, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America.” The President said.

He also said that there had been “human and systemic failures”, these failures had allowed the Nigerian to board the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit despite being on a terror watchlist.

Obama has also called a meeting with American Intelligence Chiefs for next week, this to discuss options and strategies to stop further attacks and airline bombings.

The terror suspect was able to pass through security checks at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport whilst having explosives attached to his thigh and underpants.

Passengers and crew were able to subdue Abdulmutallab as he tried to detonate the mixture of powder and liquid while the plane was landing.

While the mixture failed to detonate he was left with third degree burns as it and the immediate area of the plane caught fire.

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Artist Attacked Over Mohammed Cartoon

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Kurt WestergaardA Somalian man has been shot and arrested in Denmark after he attempted to break into the house of 74 year old Kurt Westergaard.

The man was seeking revenge for the creation of a cartoon made by the householder back in 2005. The cartoonist created an image of the Prophet Mohammed carrying a bomb under his turban, linking Mohammed to violence and terrorism. All depictions of the prophet are generally forbidden under Islamic law.

The original cartoon was published by a Danish newspaper back in 2005 and this sparked violence and threats of violence and death against the newspaper and Mr Westergaard.

The 27 year old suspect arrived at the house carrying an axe and a knife. The cartoonist was able to alert police to the attack and seek safety in the safe room of his house.

Police arrived at the house within minutes of the alarm being raised, the un-named suspect then wielded an axe at a police officer. He was then shot by an officer in the knee and was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

The artist said that the man had been shouting “blood” and “revenge” during the incident.

Intelligence officials from Denmark have said that the suspect is connected to the terrorist group al-Shabaab and ally of al-Qaeda in East Africa.

Many people have made attempts on Kurt Westergaard’s life, three arrests were made back in February 2008, at that time he issued a statement, saying “Of course I fear for my life after the Danish Security and Intelligence Service informed me of the concrete plans of certain people to kill me. However, I have turned fear into anger and indignation. It has made me angry that a perfectly normal everyday activity which I used to do by the thousand was abused to set off such madness.

The as of yet un-named attacker will appear in a Danish court charged with the attempted murder of Kurt Westergaard.

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Airport Body Scans To Be Installed At Schiphol Airport

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After the recent attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 (operated by Delta Airlines) from Amsterdam to Detroit, the Dutch government has given the go ahead for full body scanners to be installed at the airport.

Within three weeks of the attack by Nigerian born Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the full body scanners will be in place and used on all flights to the United States.

The new devices take a full scan of the body, picking up many items that traditional airport security measures would miss, effectively it allows for a full strip search to be carried out without anyone else being present.

Dutch officials have said that after reviewing the security measures undertaken at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam they found that all checks had been carried out on Abdulmutallab correctly, a passenger list which included his name had also been passed on to US authorities before the flight.

A passenger would enter the scanner, a scan would be taken, this picture would then be sent to a computer in another location for analysis and alert security at the scanner if something suspicious is found. This allows the process to remain quite anonymous as no identifying information would be sent .

It is predicted that the attack of Christmas Day will further increase security measures in airports through the world, Manchester International Airport has already tested this technology with great success and Nigeria has said that in-light of its citizens attempt to blow up the aircraft it plans to buy some of the units.

Airport Body Scan

India Puts Nuclear Power Plants On Alert Over Possible Terror Plot

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Nuclear power plants have been put on alert over fears that they may be a target for a terrorist attack or espionage of some sort.

Authorities have tightened the security around their facilities, in particular the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Trombay. Fears of an attack came after a man was arrested in the United States on charges of plotting attacks in India.

US national and terror suspect David Coleman Headley was found to have travelled to various Indian states that have Nuclear facilities. On advice from US intelligence the Indian Home ministry decided to step up security around the nuclear plants.

Further fears were realized when on Sunday several documents containing defense-related and sensitive issues were reported to have been seized from a Pakistani nation who was arrested at Gandhi International Airport on suspicion of espionage.

Information has also surfaced that Headly and another terrorist suspect, Pakistani born Canadian citizen Tahawwur Rana, had travelled to Mumbai but left a few days before last year’s attacks on the city, and was in Pakistan when the attacks were carried out.

Intelligence sources in the United States claim that David Headley met a leader of al-Qaeda linked to Harakat-ul Jihad Islami and contacted members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a group that New Delhi blames for the Mumbai attacks of 26 November 2009 in where 166 people were killed.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

David Headley

David Headley - Terror Suspect


Five Men From Manchester Are Suspected Terror Recruiters

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It is alleged that the five men arrested in Manchester and London on the 16th November 2009 were recruiters of terrorists, signing people up to join terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

A 62 year old Muslim preacher was arrested in his home in Bolton, a prominent preacher around the Manchester and Bolton area teaching the Koran at various different mosques. It is possible that a position teaching the Koran in mosques could serve as an ideal recruiting platform for future terrorists.

Police also conducted a raid on a hotel near Heathrow which resulted in the arrest of a 26 year old man. Police will not confirm if this man was preparing to fly from Heathrow to the terror training camp in Afghanistan.

The investigation was the culmination of a year long investigation into recruitment of terrorists from within the United Kingdom. Assistance Chief Constable Dave Thompson of Greater Manchester Police said “This is a complex and ongoing investigation, which has now reached the point where it was necessary to make arrests and speak to a number of people.”

It is unknown if this operation and convert investigation had been completed or if the police moved in early due to the possibility of one of the men leaving the country to receive his terrorist training.

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We will bring you more information as it is released.