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Islamic Group Plans Wootton Bassett March

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Anjem Choudary - Islam4UKAn Islamic group believed to have links with an extremist group is planning to march through the streets of Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Wootton Bassett has become famous for honouring British war dead returning home from Afghanistan.

The group Islam4UK, run by former lawyer Anjem Choudary, has said that the march will be a peaceful one, using symbolic coffins to represent the Muslim victims of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A spokeswoman for Wiltshire Police said “Under the Public Order Act the organiser must inform the police of the date, time and route of the proposed procession, and the name and address of the organiser.

“If the march or procession is believed to be likely to result in serious disorder, disruption or damage, then the police can impose conditions upon the organiser.

“In exceptional circumstances, police may apply to the local authority for an order prohibiting such a march.”

To date there had been no contact from Islam4UK or any other group wishing to arrange such a march in Wootton Bassett,”

Islam4UK is said to call itself a “platform” for the extremist movement al-Muhajiroun.

The groups website say’s that it’s “totally unacceptable” to honour servicemen who contributed “directly or indirectly” to the death of “well over 100,000 Muslims in Afghanistan in the last 8 years”.

“We at Islam4UK find this totally unacceptable and as a result have decided to launch the ‘Wootton Bassett March’ to highlight the real casualties of this brutal Crusade,” Islam4UK’s site said.

NLE 09 Evidence Update – Possible Foreign Military Activity In US! Video Footage

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It’s Thursday and we are coming close to the end of the National Level Exercise 09 (NLE 09) being conducted in relative secrecy by FEMA, DHL and other Government agencies and bodies. Has anyone yet seen any main stream media coverage? Looks like a blackout to me!!

We were aware that the “Exercise” was being carried out in conjunction with various countries Canada, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom, but in what capacity has also been shrouded in mystery.

I’ve seen over the past few days people have been worried about foreign troops coming to America, and after reading the FEMA description of the exercise on their website I was confident that no foreign troops would be in the US. They really just say that those participating countries will handle part of the exercise in their country and pass intelligence to the US so they can role play in the states.

However, could that all be about to change? I’ve just come across a new video, showing a large number of foreign military vehicles being transported to California; they were seen yesterday and should be well on their way to the destination.

I won’t say too much more now, have a look at the video and see what you think. If you are able to identify the army from the video, please comment! I think this one could well be worth reposting and twittering, lets spread the news!

More to follow as and when we find out details.

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USA Possibly Creating Special Interrogation Unit

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The United States is currently considering the creation of a special unit of professional interrogators who will be tasked with handling high-value terror suspects.

A government official had told two leading US newspapers about the new unit under condition of anonymity, stating that the government task force on interrogation methods hasn’t yet reported to President Obama.

The role of the team will be more focused on gathering intelligence from some of the Worlds biggest and most important terrorists including Al-Qaeda members and members of other terrorist groups, rather than building criminal cases for prosecution. They will also be used to devise new interrogation methods.

Forming of the new group would not alter the Obama administration’s decision banning harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, which simulates drowning, this was authorised by the Bush administration.

The officials said that they have yet to determine which agency should run the new unit, but it won’t be left solely to the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA headed up the interrogations under the Bush administration.

This select, small and specialised interrogation unit would be composed of personnel from the federal government’s intelligence, military, and law agencies, with the CIA and FBI playing big parts.

Jakarta Suicide Bombings, Head Of Terror Group Sought

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Suicide bombers attacked two American hotel chains in Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 9 and injuring 53 people.

The terrorists attacked the Jakarta JW Marriott hotel and Ritz Carlton on Friday 17th 2009. The hotels both have high security measures in place which seemed to have failed as the bombers were able to enter the building with their equipment to carry out the attacks. It has been said that the bomber at the Marriott set off the metal detectors, but security guards allowed him to enter as he said it was his laptop.

CCTV footage recovered from the Marriott shows a man pulling a suitcase on wheels behind him, moments before the detonation when a burst of light obscures the camera’s view and the room is filled with smoke.

After the attacks on hotels in Bali in 2002, both hotels had increased security and Indonesia had stepped up attempts to crack down on terrorism, however these measures weren’t enough to stop this attack.

Further inspection of the Marriott Hotel made a chilling discovery, an unexploded bomb and “bomb making equipment” in room 1808, further showing that security measures were not strong enough to foil such an attack.

It was also stated that Manchester United football club were scheduled to stay in the Ritz Carlton hotel on the 21st July 2009, but have since cancelled the Jakarta leg of the tour due to obvious security concerns.

It has been said to be possible that the attacks were linked to the Bali attacks and senior terror-officers have said that there are strong indications that the attacks were masterminded by Malaysian extremist, Noordin Top, he is the head of a splinter faction of Jemaah Islamiya, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda. The FBI had stated this of Noordin Mohammed Top, ‘an explosives expert’ and reported him to be ‘an officer, recruiter, bombmaker, and trainer of the Jamaah Islamiah group’. Certainly a man with the knowledge, power, motive and ability to carry out such an attack.

Further details are still coming to light as more is known about the suicide bombers, we will bring details as they are released.

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UK Nuclear Accident Cover-Up At Sizewell A, Suffolk

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A report obtained through the freedom of information act has revealed a near catastrophic nuclear disaster was narrowly avoided two years ago.

A burst pipe at the Sizewell A nuclear power station led to a huge leak from the pond used to cool thousands of nuclear fuel rods.

Sizewell A, one of England’s older and now closed power stations is located in Suffolk, on the east coast of the UK. The report stated that the problem was only found by chance and experts in the field have said that the fuel rods were just 12 hours away from causing a fire which would have sent a radioactive plume of smoke from Southwold and Dulwich in the North to Thorpeness and Aldburgh in the South and Leiston and Saxmundum inland.

While the event was eventually spotted and fixed, the accident had caused 5 per cent of the stations annual discharge to be sent into the sea in just 45 minutes. Experts have said that because this was an unauthorized discharge is would have picked up muck and dirt which could still be floating around the sea and wash up on beaches.

Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station