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US Air Force’s New Muscle Car Deterrent

Posted in Fun, news, Technology with tags , , , , , , , , on 08/14/2009 by securityscene

The US Air Force has been busy modifying some amazing looking muscle cars in a bid to attract more young recruits to it’s ranks. You might not expect these Iraqi and Afghan fighting fly boys and girls to be under the bonnet of a car, technically they weren’t, MTV’s Pimp My Ride garage Galpin Auto Sports did most of the supping up.

These cars are now things of beauty, no matter if you are a fan of cars or aircraft you can’t help but gaze in wonder at these beastly machines.

The USAF chose to modify the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challengers and X-1 Mustang with stunning results.

The Challenger Vapor gets a biometric fingerprint entry system and vertically opening doors.

Painted for a glossy finish with anti-radar stealth paint!

The cockpit features a yoke for driver and passenger, and special night and thermal vision.

Mustang X-1 with vertical doors

Single seater, ultra cool interior, can change to zero seater at the push of the ejector seat button!

Screens show the road ahead in night and thermal vision, steering is controlled with the joy stick

Ejector seat and optional helmet!! NotĀ advisableĀ to use the ejector seat as the parachute is unlikely to deploy in time!

We are sure these cars would give KITT a run for it’s money!

But we don’t think that we are likely to see them roll off the production line any time soon, or thundering around Iraq for that matter!