Planned March At Wootton Bassett

A group with ties to a banned Islamic group is planning a march on Wootton Bassett.

Wootton Bassett has become famous for the processions of repatriated service men and women who have tragically lost their lives whilst on active service in Afghanistan.

The leader of the group Islam4UK, Anjem Choudary, has released details of their intention to bring Muslims to protest , it would seem from their “current affairs” release that they would like to bring attention to the “genocide” being committed by all soldiers in Muslim countries and injustice of British soldiers bring “paraded as war heroes”.  The group also want to bring attention to the media their desire to convert England to an Islamic state under the Sharia law.

Most of the nation is in up-roar over the proposed march, Wootton Bassett has become a route where the public can pay their respect and honour the dead who have given their lives for this country.

The Wilshire town of Wootton Bassett has seen a number of Muslims protests, with offensive and inflammatory placards being waved while soldier’s bodies are being returned home. These Muslims have been led by Choudary and his Islam4UK website, as well as the militant and banned group they represent Al-Muhajiroun.

While the group says they are against the murder of innocent Muslims, they seem to show a great deal of respect and admiration for terrorists, suicide bombers and al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, people who have no problem targeting civilians.

It is unlikely that this march will be authorised by the authorities and Choudary has also admitted that the location has been chosen in order to bring the up-roar and maximum media profile. He brings up democracy and asks why he can’t hold his protest where he likes?

We understand that lots of people will have lots of thoughts about this march and we welcome your comments.

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27 Responses to “Planned March At Wootton Bassett”

  1. He brings up democracy and asks why he can’t hold his protest where he likes?

    I believe it is because he is demanding respect to his own beliefs and views in a country that doesn’t agree with him, by insulting and abusing the dead and their families of that same country. If you want other people to respect your beliefs, you must respect them first.

    • Balls!!!
      There is nothing to respect about insulting ppl like this, the people who have lost sons and daughters, husbands and wives deserve better than to let this go ahead. They want us to repect and allow their views then fine, in their country they wud b stoned for this so can we stone them as they march through trampling on our falllen lads/lasses memorys!

  2. Choudary and his group have no respect for others outside their own faith.As usual Islam is playing the victim card but considering many of them are living at the BRITISH taxpayer’s expense they have little to moan about. If this country is so bad,they are free to leave, but if they stay they should live by British Law By Christian standards. Fit in or F**k off!

  3. tonguesoffire Says:

    I am not sure how many people have actually read the teachings of Islam and the lack of love and compassion is taught. The general order of those who practice Islam is to conquer. The tactic being used is to integrate into society change the laws push shariah law and take over using the laws of the land against the people. Socialist governments are to most venerable to hostile takeover. It is a slow process where manipulation of “we are the victim” is pushed and sympathy comes and change comes. Meanwhile terror attacks step up on citizens. If you look at it simple and the way it really is Islamic extremists start the war take the war to you and play the victim using imperialists and crusaders as an excuse. And then there is Israel.
    Palestinians who the Arab world use as another excuse for terrorism.
    The bottom line is Takkiya and politics. When your borders open with little said and your culture is forced to change for theirs you know where you are headed. The same is happening in America and South America.
    I am watching how the UK handles this threat.

    • alan burton Says:

      well said tonguesoffire, you have it exactly right. You say you are watching how the UK handles the threat. In its usual way> Keep your fingers crossed, touch wood and hope nothing happens. Unfortunatly thosse who speak out are labled racist by both the looney left (labour and liberals) and of course the hard line Islamists. Just to put your readers at ease, I am a British/Israeli non religeous Jew and have no axe to grind. Just want a peacful and normal life (impossible in todays climate).

  4. There are laws in the UK which allow free speech and demonstrations/marches. March organisers have to apply to the police at least six days in advance. The government’s website says “Police have many legal powers that can be used to prevent violence or unrest associated with protest. They can, for example, impose limitations on the route of the march, or the location and duration of a rally. They will only do that in order to prevent:

    -riots or other serious public disorder
    -damage to property
    -serious disruption to the life of the community”

    I suggest we leave this matter to the very capable Wiltshire constabulary.

    If it takes place, I would suggest that the excellent folk of Wootton Bassett simply stay indoors and ignore the march if they wish to do so. In this country, everyone has a right to free expression within the normal framework of the law, whether we agree with their views or not. We can’t pick and choose who we allow to march based on our own views.

    • securityscene Says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment.

      You are correct in saying that everyone has a right to free expression and to protest, I don’t think many people will disagree with you on that point.

      The problem is that this march has been designed by the organisers to cause maximum offence to most of the people in the UK. Their leader Anjem Choudary has said that the location is being used to stir up anger. There are ways and means of going about this protest, apply to the Met Police and hold it outside Downing Street or Parliament, the people who can make decisions.

      Imagine the problems that would be caused if a group protesting against terrorists and extremists decided to apply for permission to march on London Central Mosque aka the Islamic Cultural Centre.


      • Yes, I can see that. Although I did see some conciliatory remarks from their leader yesterday – about talking to the WB residents etc. In many ways, given all the media attention on WB it seems an obvious place to hold the march. The police have discretion over the exact route of the march and its timing etc. They also have discretion over whether it might incite violence. There are some wise words from a serving police inspector here:

        “We should not stop Mr Choudary’s march taking place.

        …If the proposed march goes ahead, the people of Wootton Bassett should show their contempt. Instead of turning out as they do to respect the British soldiers they should clear the streets, put down the shop blinds and shut their doors. A march through a ghost town with a small police escort will make this publicity stunt the non event it should be.”

  5. Jan said: “British Law By Christian standards. Fit in or F**k off!”

    Those are Christian standards are they? Where in the Bible does it say “Fit in or F**k off!”? Or anything like it? Indeed, didn’t Jesus teach us to be welcoming to strangers, as evidenced by his kind treatment to the Samaritan leper?

    • Robert Brown Says:

      Esactly right, I am fed up of the far right trying to hijack christianity. I also agree that the matter should be left to the police to deal with.

      Unfortuantly the fact that this march is designed for maximum effect is no reason in itself to stop the march. We have no right not to be offended.

      Leave it to the police I think.

  6. Paul McDermott Says:

    We do pick and choose who we allow to march based on our own views Paul. If you or I were to try and organise a march in favour of many different controversial topics it would be banned because it is not publicly acceptable, and this march is not publicly acceptable.

    The comments from the police officer make a lot of sense as well, if you believe that people should hide themselves away and let such people as Islam4UK do as they like.

    I have known and listened to many Muslims over the years and because of that agree entirely with what tonguesoffire says.

    I am an Agnostic but firmly believe that Britain and many other countries have evolved into what they are now largely because of Christianity as other countries have evolved into what they are now because of Islam, Buddhism or other religions.

    One of the things that Modern day Christians believe in is tolerance (I’m not sure that this has always been the case) and I think that Muslims take advantage of this. I also believe that they will take advantage of anything else that will allow them to advance their religion. Spreading their religion is their main aim and they will not stop until the whole world has been converted. I suppose in a way they could be applauded for this, they may even be right, but it does not appeal to me.

    I want to live in a “Christian” society and share it with other people that think and act, in the main, as I do. I do not want to watch on while people with completely different ideas, beliefs and morals slowly take over and force me and my family to follow their beliefs and laws

  7. alan burton Says:

    Paul, you say you are an agnostic who wants to live in a “Christian” society. How can that be when the Archbishop of Cant says Britain should accept Sharia Law side by side with British Law and Arch nitwit Sentamu would like everyone holding hands and dancing round York. Until the people in this country revert to “old fashion values” and stop pandering to the social inclusion and dont smack your kids and reality T.V idiots, I am afraid you will never be left in peace – just in pieces.

  8. Paul McDermott Says:

    Well I did put Christian in brackets Alan.

    What I mean really is a society that has been greatly influenced by Christianity in its forming.

    I can’t be held responsible if the Archbishop of Canterbury is a total nut case. I would also gladly ship the idiots you are talking about including those that are responsible for creating and appearing in the so called reality TV shows of to somewhere warmer.


    Anjem Choudary was a muslim 20 years ago when he was pictured getting drunk in pubs and reading porn magazines but seems to think it is ok because he repented and is no longer a 20 year old “child”, hardly reprisentative of the Islamic faith. He is now a 42 year old man living off benefits in a £350,000 home in London …who seems to think it is ok to disrespect other peoples children ( many a lot younger than 20 ) who have been killed by terrorists while not living off benefits but doing a job. I have many Muslim friends and this man does no favours to the good and decent Muslims in this country or anywhere else.

  10. alan burton Says:

    ok Paul lets leave it at that, I have an aircraft waiting to drop them all off in the desert.


  12. i have 2 mates that serve in this queens army and i couldnt be more proud of what thay are doing! but what i dont agree with is stupid p****s like this liveing in a nice house thanks 2 us tax payers and he earns more then any1 in the army in a year for being a cu*t and a cum stain 2 the rest of us brits its not fair why should we as tax payers have 2 put up with these scum bags if i was in charge of this country i would send all the little p***k back 2 there f**king mud huts back in the desert where are boys & girls could kick the shit out of them


    There are a number of questions that need to be asked about why a hate monger is living on benefits paid for by the tax payers including the soldiers he hates so much.

  14. Reality Bites Says:

    As long as we have religion we will have this shite, simples!

    There is no solution apart from the permanent end of religion.

  15. Hayley Clark Says:

    This is complete outrage, this will dishonour everything that we stand for and have done for queen and country.
    This is the resting ground for all of our fallen troops, our heroes, i live near wootten bassett and i think, if this is going to happen, that as a nation we should be there to fight fire with fire, we are british, we are proud lets take back our country and shout that out!
    I dont wish to resort to violence etc, but they have come to our country, got a free ride, house,money cars everything, i want to take back what is ours, and if the government allows this, then we have to take our own action!!

  16. dale joy Says:

    This is appalling its against everything that the goverment supposedly support i have lost all faith in this country, its not long before civil uproar starts and people take matters into there own hands!!!

  17. Jayne Shenstone Says:

    Tonguesoffire – how right you are.

    They are outbreeding us, it will be a bloodless coup and ISLAM will rule – if we don’t stop them now.

    New Labour have betrayed Britain and we have lost much of our British culture.

  18. alan burton Says:

    I live in a quiet town close to a larger town populated by many muslims, some known for very radical views. If I were to organise a march against the radical elements of that community I would be shouted down as a racist white pig. This would not be just from the muslim community, but also from the Liberal whites who feel political correctness is de riguer. Until radicalism from any source be it BNP or Wahabi or any other sect is suppressed this country will degenerate into civil war

  19. Robert rhino Says:

    As the BNP warned us all years ago, the threat of militant islam is everywhere. These fanatics do not care for our beliefs, morals or way of life and they certainly dont care for the sympathy of the liberal softies in our political elite. One goal remains strong with them, the spread of islam. We cannot combat this increasing threat with words and cowardice.

  20. While i agree that every one or every group has the right to protest or right to march. This march by Islam4uk in Wootton Bassett is to stir up tension. Choudry despite his views is clever at raising anger and as a lawyer knows how far to go.
    March for England has followed all legal means to get this march banned.
    We know Choudry of old and his pals Bakri and Hamza. Will they like Oct 31st milk it for all its worth then call it off for fears of there safety.
    His planned Sharia march in London on Oct 31st was called of at the last minute,March for England had large numbers out that day.
    We will not allow this march to go ahead,we have support from the families of the fallen, Moderate Muslim groups, Sihks , Ex Servicemen,etc.
    Out of respect to the town of Wootton Bassett , The People Of Wootton and above all in memory of our Fallen Heroes who have passed through the Town. We will stop it away from Wootton Bassett and will not enter Wootton Bassett. We still urge the Goverment to ban this but wont hold our breath.
    If you remember Islam4uk, Al Maj , Hizb-ut-Tahrir where after the 7/7th to be banned by our Goverment also all preachers of hate where to be deported. Still waiting Mr BRown

  21. cynthia Says:

    These pesons should go back to Afganistan or thereabouts and defend the people if they are so concerned, but then they would not get the handouts they get from the hardworking Briitsh people and would not get the freedom that they get here.

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