Is Noordin Mohammed Top, Dead?

SEE THE UPDATED STORY HERE – Police Say Noordin Top Likely Escaped Death

Indonesian police have possibly killed the countries most wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top.

The countries counter-terrorism squad, Special Detachment 88 also known as Delta 88 and Densus 88, took part in a 12 hour siege and shootout in Temanggung a village in Central Java on the 8th August 2009.

Reports quickly came in from Indonesian TV saying that Noordin Mohammed Top had been killed in the bathroom of his hide-out, as a result of the armed action. The police were unable to confirm these reports.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian President, thanked the police for their “brilliant job” in raiding the suspected hideout of the wanted terrorist.

Reporters on the scene say that they believe that a minimum of 3 people were killed in the house, 2 body bags were removed and a further body was seen lying outside the house. When asked if Noordin was in the house national police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said “God willing”.

Top is suspected to be behind many attacks that have killed hundreds of people and injured many more since at least 2002.

These include;

  • 2002 Bali Bombing – killing 202 – injuring 209
  • 2003 Marriott Bombing, Jakarta, Indonesia – killing 12 – injuring 150
  • 2004 Australian Embassy Bombing, Jakarta, Indonesia – killing 9 – injuring 150+
  • 2005 Bali Bombings – killing 23 – injuring 129
  • 2009 Jakarta Hotel Attacks – killing 9 – injuring 53

It is believed that DNA has been taken from what may turn out to be the body of Noordin Mohammed Top, will be tested against any that may be on file or that of a family member to confirm a match.

The FBI has had Noordin in their sights for a long time, and has reported him as an officer, recruiter, bombmaker, and trainer for the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) group. Also nicknamed the “Moneyman”, he’s long since been wanted by Malaysian and Indonesian authorities and in 2006 he became listed on the FBI’s third major “wanted” list, the FBI Seeking Information – War on Terrorism List.

We are currently reading conflicting information about the possible death, this includes reports that he may have been captured alive and is being interrogated by counter-terrorism police and that he escaped just before the attack and was actually shot with a camera rather than a gun.

While it should only be a matter of time before we find out what’s happened to Mr Top, this will have struck a massive blow to his terrorism network, hopefully this will be enough to disrupt their campaign.

Noordin Mohammed Top

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SEE THE UPDATED STORY HERE – Police Say Noordin Top Likely Escaped Death

We will bring you further details as they develop.

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