Ila-Dusk Personal Security Alarm – Review

Ila Dusk - Rape AlarmWe’ve just been lucky enough to receive the brand new Ila-Dusk Personal Safety Alarm, or rape alarm.

These alarms have been around for a long time, but seem to have fallen from grace over the past few years. If you were to ask a selection of women if they carry a rape alarm I think you’d be hard pushed to find many or any that do.

Most of the alarms on the market are horrible black square things, not something that an ‘it girl’ or follower of fashion would want to be seen with on a night on the town, that is until Ila-Dusk released their new range of attractive, sleek, unique, revolutionary, shiny personal designs.

It’s not just the funky designs that make these different from others on the market, they’ve decided to scrap the old ear piercing siren sounds for a equally piercing female scream!

One of the aims is to be something that people will hear and react to, I can see this doing the job. We’ve recently read a few reviews which are less favorable, they said in their tests people didn’t come to see what was happening, however that’s only a small part of the process. I can’t see any would be attacker sticking around once you set this rather annoying personal alarm off.

It’s designed to shock and disorientate your attacker, allowing for the chance to flee.

If you have a daughter, wife or friend you’d like to give some extra protection to, this is a great little gift, stylish, cute and while more expensive than most out there (£19.50), you shouldn’t have any fears of them wanting to leave it behind when they go out.

130 decibel alarm – nearly the same as a jet plane and louder than a jackhammer or chainsaw.

Can attach to a key ring or bag for easy access.

Activated by pulling sharply on the chain.

5 attractive designs and colours.

Size : H7.7xW3.7 x D2.2cm

Available only from Marks & Spencer in the UK.

For more details and to buy you can visit the Marks & Spencer shop

Ila-Dusk Personal Security Alarms

2 Responses to “Ila-Dusk Personal Security Alarm – Review”

  1. This is a great looking personal alarm, looks great in blue, I really want one!

  2. Danielle Evans Says:

    The cord on it is way too long. It got caught on something in my car a week after I got it and it wouldnt stop going off. I luckily was at my home and had a hammer, I had to destroy it after my neighbors listened to it for maybe 7 min. Cord is lost in my car still. I feel like the cord is just long enough to get wrapped around something, I understand it needs to be long enough to grab ahold of, but there has to be another way. OMG I will never have one of those things again!!!!!

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