Taser X3 – New Triple Shot Taser Gun

The Taser has been common place with Law Enforcement and security conscious individuals for some time now. Used as a non or maybe less lethal alternative to a traditional gun.

A Taser works by firing two small dart-like electrodes at a target, with a wire staying connected from the darts to the Taser unit and they are propelled by a small compressed nitrogen canister. The darts are able to penetrate clothing and skin, a barb on the electrodes help to prevent removal once they are in place. A pulse of electricity can then be sent down the wire to the subject and repeated if needed in order to keep them incapacitated. 

Police and Military personnel have been using them for years, as a method of controlling and subduing aggressors and criminals without resorting to shooting with a conventional gun. However, the Taser’s biggest drawback is the fact that once fired it needs to be reloaded with a new electrode cartridge before it can be redeployed so for multiple assailants it can become redundant.

However Taser have just introduced a new product to the market, the TASER X3. This is a revolutionary, new, multi-shot Taser – 3 sets of electrodes per cartridge, allowing the user to engage multiple targets, display warning arcs while loaded. The X3 provides the user with a full color status screen, and much more sophisticated processing power.

The X3 could have a big impact on the number of traditional law enforcement shootings as a single officer can control and subdue a larger group of people without having to draw their more lethal weapon.

The Taser X3 is an impressive looking piece of kit and you’ll see it’s effectiveness in the video below.

Taser X3 - Multi shot Taser

2 Responses to “Taser X3 – New Triple Shot Taser Gun”

  1. WOW, I wonder if they will have a consumer model!

  2. Taser X3 is now exclusively for consumer purchase, but has a hefty price tag attached to it.

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